Thursday, July 10, 2008

Having Your Head in a Book

While reading an altered book arts listserv post today, I came across a link to the art of Chen Long- Bin. (Can I just add that "Bin" is a great name for someone as into reuse and recycling as this talented man? I immediately think of the blue bin of paper for recycling sitting behind my desk.) Long-Bin sculpts the most amazing heads out of stacks of old phone books, magazines and printouts. Talk about having your head in a book! Be sure to have a look at the article from the November 2006 issue of Talkies linked to from this page (the image included here is from that article). This was a particularly interesting find for me, since only yesterday I was gazing at a stack of phone books in my office, thinking that I really needed to start mining them for paper to use in my own reuse crafts. I'm no sculptor, however, so Mr. Long-Bin needn't worry about competition from me anytime soon. What an inspiration!

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