Friday, July 11, 2008

The Transmutation of Dryer Lint

Yesterday's post on Chen Long-Bin's book sculptures reminded me of another really interesting art project I learned about a few years ago. As proof that art can spring from even the lowliest of materials, Cheryl Capezutti created the National Lint Project. In a bizarre yet truly inspirational act of re-creation, Ms. Capezutti used dryer lint, much of which was donated, to create eerily appealing sculptures of humanoids and angels. Explore Capezutti's website to learn more about the project. The site includes information on donating lint, but I have no idea if the artist is still accepting this material, since the site looks as if it has not been updated in a while. Be sure to read the Exhibitions section, which describes how the National Lint Project included not only the sculptures, but a collection of notes the artist received from participants regarding their donated lint as well. That sounds as if it would be an interesting look into the minds of some kindred spirits, hoping to find a new life for even the fuzz from their laundry.

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